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Pistachio Delicacy

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The legendary taste that leaves its mark with its taste and presentation, pistachio delicacy Turkish delight.It has been brought together in a stylish box for you to consume with pleasure or to gift to your loved ones.

  • Net weight : 450 gr.
  • Ingredients: Pistachio, sugar, water, corn starch, soapwort water, milk flavor, vanilla, acidity regulator E-330, cocoa hazelnut cream (sugar, vegetable oil, hazelnut, milk powder, cocoa, demineralized whey powder, hazelnut flavor emulsifier, vanilla flavor, emulsifier soy lecithin E-332
  • Allergen warning: Contains pistachio, wheat gluten, milk powder, demineralized whey powder, cocoa hazelnut cream, emulsifier soy lecithin.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • The recommended consumption date and batch number are on the packaging.
  • Once the package is opened, it should be consumed within one week.
  • Suitable for direct consumption.
  • Business Registration Number: TR-34-K-099460
  • Box pattern may be different.